Your Parents.

Over their many years they have stood together in the best and worst times. Their love for each other has taught you to be loving and caring. Now their health is not so good and you worry about them in their home.

Are they taking their medication? Are they getting enough exercise? Do they need to be reminded to do things? Have they been sitting in a chair for to long?

Keep them together in the home they love and at the same time take charge of their well being.

LV Tech provides wellness monitoring of your seniors well being. Together with your cellphone reports cam be generated on your parents activities while in their home.

Bed sensors will tell you what time they go to bed and how long they were in bed for. Chair sensors will tell if they are sitting to much and not getting enough exercise. Contacts where drugs are kept will alert you if your parent didn't take their medication. Motion sensors will alert you if they haven't move around the house in some time.

Our wellness system combined with your cell phone will keep you informed as to your seniors well being 24 hours a day. This empowers you to take action right away. You will no longer have to spend time worrying about their wellness as you will have real time information in hand on their activities in their home.         

Seniors living at home show signs that not all is well when then spend much time in bed or getting up a in the middle of the night and don't go back to bed. This and other signs of wellness will go undetected unless their activities are being monitored.

The love you have for your parents makes you feel the stress of having to make decisions for them. You tremble thinking about how to balance your life with your parents well being. Having a nurse or caregiver living in the home with your parents can drain your parents retirement income.

This is where an LV Tech Adult Wellness System come into place. Helping you stay in contact with your parents well being as you go about your life.

One time installation cost and a small monthly access fee to access the system via your cell phone will liberate yourself from constantly checking on your parents in their home.