When you buy from L.V. Tech you will also receive up to 2 hours tech support. Service is part of the purchase. Good to know if you run into trouble or have questions while installing our system.

Watch how fast it can be installed.

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With Helix innovation the professional installer is a thing of the past. No more drilling holes or creating dust in your home. No heavy cleanup after installation. Easily removes to take with you, makes it a great systems for dorms or apartment. Remote app allows customer to fine tune and tailor the system and provide interactive services.Technology that is currently unmatched in the industry of home security. Helix enables the customer to take charge of the installation their system. And help is on demand.

Panic watch or button for Mom or Dad.

    Payment credit cards debit cards and paypal.

You design and install the entire system. No tools needed. No drilling holes in your                                walls or windows. Ideal system if you are renting.

             System can easily be removed and  goes with you when you move.

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No Tools self installed security system. Providing all the latest options for today's customer.This system will allow customers to take charge of their families safety at an affordable price.

Pre-programed for easier customer installation.    

Technical help

Your system can be accessed by you through multiple devices 

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Shipping and handling is based on weight. Once an order is placed shipping and handling can then be calculated.

Take satisfaction in knowing you installed the latest state of the art system to protect your family. And oh yea saved a lot of money to boot.

Main control panel with battery backup.Three door contacts one motion alarm and the helipad. Remote app access. Pre Programed for you.


                         Plus shipping and handling            

                       This is not a least system. You'll own it outright.

                           NOT INCLUDED

    Expandable to use all z wave equipment,Cell      backup monitoring,smoke detectors CO2                  detectors glass break, keyfob,