Most people don't think of water and gas leak detection for the home or small business. Even though they can cause great loss and damage. They can latter threaten the home or business occupant's health producing mold, unaware to the occupant. 

Monitoring for gas and water leaks can save home and small business owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars when leaks can be detected early. Early warning means faster response to a gas and water leak. Faster response will limit the damage a gas or water leaks can cause. Protecting people's lives and minimizing properties repair expense. Leak detection for gas or water can be added to your existing security system for no added cost of monitoring. You owe it to yourself to look into monitoring your home or small business for water and gas leaks. For more information contact your security provider or you may contact us HERE.  


     Automatic Water Shut off

and notification of water leak

Emergencies can come time or day or night. Most home owners are not prepared for what is more likely to cause them great loss.


When a home is built it is required to have smoke det installed before anyone can live in the home.

But did you know the life of a smoke detector is 10 years. And am even more troubling fact is that Co2 detector can depreciate in function only after 5 years.

If your smoke or co2 detector is generating a periodic beep it may-be either a low battery backup or end of life for the detector. Detectors have a life expectancy time where they are most efficient. When they go beyond their time they will notify the home owner by causing peeps every 5 to 10 seconds  


While commercial building have codes regarding testing life safety systems, testing homes systems are not required. Home owners are left on their own to see to it that the home's fire, smoke and Co2 coverage is correct and functioning properly.

To often the news reports a Co2 death or a home destroyed by fire. Some reports even stating there were no working smoke detectors in the home at the time of the fire. To often smoke and co2 detectors are found disconnected because the owner is unable to recognize that the detector simply needs to be replaced.

You can have your system tested annually for a small fee. You may think a service like this will cost a lot of money and it is simply not true. For $45.00 the system in your home can be professionally inspected and tested annually. That's $45.00 spent to know that your system is functioning properly and your love one are protected.

Home owners may be able to install a security system on their own, however the average home owner lacks the knowledge in the proper placement and Co2 and smoke detectors of the life safety equipment. Don't risk your love ones on your lack of knowledge and misplacement of detectors hire a licensed professional.  

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