Interactive service $14.75 Per month.

Cellular Network


The Main Control Panel.

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Residential 2GIG Home

​         Automation

Do It YourSelf Security Installation.

Existing phone line monitoring.

Optional Cellular Radio Monitoring

Door Bell Notification

Controlling lights and appliances.

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​Interactive Security

Smoke Heat And Co2 Coverage 

Get three months of central station cellular or phone line Monitoring                                                FREE

Co2 Detector

Monitor Your Parents in Their home.

Motion With video detection

Temp Control.

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Starter Package $385.25 installed.

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For Business and Home Security Systems. We monitor homes and business using state of the art wireless cellular radio.

24-Hour Professional Monitoring of Alarm System

            LV Tech Security Serving Providence

                  and the New England Area

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           Making your family's home & business safety our top and only priority.

When it comes to the security of your home and family or business assets you can't be too careful. We've built our reputation on the installation and monitoring of the industry's most comprehensive and technologically advanced home and business security systems that keep your home and business, and everyone in them safe.

Your Home In The Palm Of Your Hand.

                     Geo Tracking. What is it?

Geo tracking is the ability of the alarm panel to reconnize [via cell phones associated with your home] if any one is home. Programmed parameters can be program to turn back heat or cool lock doors turn off or on lights turn on alarm when any of the cell phone get within a set distance away from the panel in the home. When arriving at home geo works to reverse the above action when a cell phone get within the set distance from the home. Making your live simple.  

 2gig is not your standard security system it also can provide the home owner power usage information on devices through out their home. This makes your 2 gig security system a true green system.

Basic Phone Monitoring is as low as $15.25 Per month.  

Basic Radio Monitoring a Low $19.75 per month.

Temperature and Lighting Control

In addition to a standard burglary system we offer door, temp control, CCTV, door locks, energy management, light control, garage door opener, smoke and CO2 detection, Water leak and water shutoff supervision, geo tracking,

           All controled by remote app access,


Garage Door Left Open Notification



Get It FREE when you order Interactive services.

Key Fobs

Radio monitoring when combined with interactive services is just $14.75 per month

Starter Package=Main Control Touch Screen

           3 Doors, 2 motion, 1 key fob,

In addition to door and windows add additional protection 

Door Locks