New or Upgrading Services.

  Managing multiple locations require  accurate and current information and 2 gig is here to give that information to you

             ON DEMAND!

We Provide Our Commercial Franchise Customers Savings Opportunity On Their Burglary And Fire Alarm Services.

                                             Save on burglary monitoring for multiple locations discount. 

                                             Save on fire inspections when combining this service with burglary monitoring.

                                                                                                                                           Put Money Back Into Your Bottom Line!  

Why franchise owners owe it to themselves to install or upgrade to 2GiG System

New Commercial Monitoring Is Totally Wireless.

Owers of multiple store fronts will find the 2 gig system a product they are looking for to provide security for their many locations. Easy to use app giving managers access to information on what is happening and what has occured at a store. Detailed information on who when and where will provide remote managers real information which can be used to better their security through out their district. 

Here are some features which defines the 2 gig systems from standard security systems.   

#1=Open close reports

​#2=Adding access for employees to multiple locations with just one entry

​#3=Auto Arming

​#4=Individualized system status

​#5=Lowering temp turning off lights when alarm is turned on

​#6=Locking and unlocking doors controlled by status of system

​#7=Tracking zones in real time[restricted areas] even when the alarm is turned off.

​#8=View activity via camera.

#9=Run reports of activity.

#10=Download video images.

#11=Exception notification[early to open late to close] restricted area violation.

​#12-Reliable remote app giving the user ease of operation and navigation.